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About Us Delhi Tack Shop

At Delhi Tack Shop we strive to offer our customers with most innovative, latest and high quality products. We import, export, retail and wholesale horse riding products. Our previous company PROGRESSIVE EXPORTS, which is now Delhi Tack Shop has been serving equine industry since 1995. We at DTS take keen interest to develop and innovate our products by talking to the best riders, veterinarians, trainers, instructors, breeders and other connected with horse riding industry. This we believe improves the quality, dependability and durability of our products. As a result we have all our leather products in three qualities. We have something to offer to every one. To know more on our ECO, PRO and PRE qualities, please refer to our saddles section.


Hi friends,

It has been more than 20 years that I have been associated with selling horse riding goods. It all happened by accident. When I was still a teenager, in Bombay while riding for the first time in my life, I fell from the horse. I desperately wanted to get back on horse, to prove to myself that I was not going to give up so easily….I wasn’t a looser. I got back on horse and from that day my love for horses began. I got obsessed with riding, saddles, bridles and other riding goods. The enthusiasm was so much that one day I decided to deal in these products. Which I believed would keep me associated with horses and riding. As a result my first company PROGRESSIVE EXPORTS was established in 1995.

In the past I have visited numerous trade shows in USA, Canada and Germany. For two years I was selling equestrian goods to Riding schools, academies, barns, tack shops and importers of North America. I met many experts on saddles from USA and learnt from them the finer points on how to get a PERFECT saddle. As a result on this site you will find lots of different and innovative saddles. We at DTS can offer you many designs, styles, patterns and qualities. Tell us about your preference on the saddle style & quality and see the results yourself.

I hope to get the pleasure of meeting you personally soon…..sometime….somewhere. It’s a small world.

Happy Galloping,